Nordic Walking

More Fun and Rhythm in Movement

Nordic Walking has in a very short period of time become the most popular sport in the Nordic Countries. What lies behind its popularity? Why do people go out and walk with poles?

Nordic Walking is up to 40 per cent more efficient and energetic than walking without poles.

Without poles you can keep the same speed and pace as the Nordic Walker only some 50 meters.

Nordic Walking suits everyone - no matter whether young or old, man or woman, slim or more heavy, sporty or non-sporty. Nordic Walking is fun for everybody.

Nordic Walking does not aggravate joints and knees like running and jogging.

Nordic Walking releases muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulder region.

Nordic Walking raises heart beat rate up to an aerobic level (120-150 beats per minute) at which fat is burned.

Nordic Walking burns some 400 kcalories per hour compared with 280 kcalories per hour for normal walking.

Walking with poles makes your movement more rhythmic, faster, easier and indeed more enjoyable.

1. Kwik Carbon 100-130 cm Carbon/glassfibre tube. Cork/plastic grip with an adherable strap, Super basket with carbide tip and Soft Foot.

2. Kwik Sport 100-130 cm Glassfibre tube. Two coloured Super grip and elastic strap, Super basket with carbide tip and Soft Foot.

3. Kwik Walk  100-130  cm Two part telescopic aluminium tube. Two coloured Super grip with adherable strap. Super basket with carbide tip and Soft Foot.


Height (cm)-150150-158158-165165-172172-180180-187187-            
Length (cm)100105110115120125130